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Blazej Dolezal sketch by Pepper-the-phoenix Blazej Dolezal sketch :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0 Father and Daughter by Pepper-the-phoenix Father and Daughter :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
Five Years: And the World Kept Spinning
“Do you ever think about the fact that the world didn’t end?” asked Enric, pouring himself a scotch.
“Give it time,” drawled Daniel, reading the news on his smartpad.
Enric smirked and shook his head.
“I’m serious. Do you ever think about it?”
“I think it depends on what you mean,” said Walter, “There have been many near apocalyptic moments in earth’s history.”
“World War III, geniuses,” said Enric, leaning against the bar, “The worst moment in human history, the moment of nuclear holocaust. And nothing.”
“There were close calls,” said Daniel.
“Of course, there always will be, but neither side actually pulled the trigger, even when all experts thought they would.”
“No, I guess I don’t spend too much time thinking about it,” said Walter.
“Really? I think about it all the time,” said Enric.
“Why?” asked Daniel, looking up.
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
Five Years: Hail to Their Ghosts that Remain
“Hey, Walter, do you have a minute?” asked Max, rubbing his neck as he hovered in the doorway.
“Sure, come in,” grinned Walter, turning in his chair, “Beer?”
“Uh, sure, thanks,” Max shrugged, taking it gratefully and looking for a place to sit.
“Use Adrian’s chair, he won’t mind.”
Max grabbed the hard-cushioned chair, sat down, and frowned at how stiff it was.
“Adrian doesn’t believe in comfort,” Walter smirked.
“You’re telling me,” said Max, as the chair softened underneath him.
“Just make sure you set it back to its original setting, otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it.”
Max nodded his head before taking a swig of beer as Walter watched him closely. It was hard to remember how young he truly was. Only twenty-four and able to keep up with Sebastian, Celestyn, and Anatoli and Sebastian was grooming him to take over once the transfer occurred. He wondered if
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0
Love is in the Air by Pepper-the-phoenix Love is in the Air :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 2 Color Turing by Pepper-the-phoenix Color Turing :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 2 Black and white Turing by Pepper-the-phoenix Black and white Turing :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
NBG There's Blood on the Hands of Us All
“What are you doing here?!” snarled Caroline, the mourning crowd following the casket as it stumbled down the sparse road.
“I’m here to pay my respects to a great hero.”
She smacked me.
“How dare you?! You didn’t even leave me a body to bury.”
I rubbed my jaw before clicking my tongue and staring her down.
“I’m assuming the Shivians knew a body could lead to martyrdom.”
“Yes, and there’s only room for one martyr in the Killbraugha.”
I frowned.
“Surely that is a topic best reserved for after the funeral.”
“Go away. You are not welcomed here.”
“We may have had our differences, but he was still a comrade in arms.”
“You continue to disgrace this funeral with your lies and they’ll be burying two bodies today.”
My frowned grew, but she was like the Kanas Mountains. Cold, distant, and refusing to bend to the screaming winds. A statue of black marble, her mo
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0
Another Five Years sketchdump by Pepper-the-phoenix Another Five Years sketchdump :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0 Colored Five Years sketches by Pepper-the-phoenix Colored Five Years sketches :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0 Sleepy Puppy by Pepper-the-phoenix Sleepy Puppy :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0 Time by Pepper-the-phoenix Time :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0 Five Years Sketch dump by Pepper-the-phoenix Five Years Sketch dump :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
Mature content
SH: Tired of Myself, Tired of this Town :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 2
Five Years: Shared Heritage-Extended
“Here you go, Maxwell, you may light the first candle,” said Sebastian, handing him the attendant candle.
Max’s tongue stuck out from the corner of his mouth as he carefully lit the candle on the right side of the menorah. They were in one of the smaller labs, with all the lights turned off and the smoke detector turned off for at least an hour, per Sebastian’s abrasive agreement with Ambrogio.
“Now, I must admit I haven’t been doing this for very long, so I don’t quite remember all the prayers.”
“That’s ok,” said Maxwell, returning the attendant candle to where it belonged, “My mom made me memorize them.”
After reciting the three prayers, Maxwell and Sebastian sat on two stools and watched the candle burn, the small flame hardly able to dispel the darkness.
“It’s so small,” he said.
“True, but sometimes it doesn’t take much to be considered a miracle.
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 2
Heroes: Birthing Chamber by Pepper-the-phoenix Heroes: Birthing Chamber :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0


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Hi, I’m Sam, also known as Ham. I'm an extreme history nerd (seriously six bookcases full of history books) and a comic book geek. I am very spacey and it can take me a while to reply, but it's not because I hate you, it's because I'm lazy.

My siblings, :iconinprismed: :iconjeffreyrebowlski: and I work on a lot of projects together.

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I know I've been MIA lately and I'm sorry about that. Grad school is slowly killing me. I have two more intense weeks and hopefully I'll be able to get to those critiques I owe people.



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