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Colored Five Years sketches :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 0 0 Sleepy Puppy :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0 Time :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0 Five Years Sketch dump :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
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SH: Tired of Myself, Tired of this Town :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 2
Five Years: Shared Heritage-Extended
“Here you go, Maxwell, you may light the first candle,” said Sebastian, handing him the attendant candle.
Max’s tongue stuck out from the corner of his mouth as he carefully lit the candle on the right side of the menorah. They were in one of the smaller labs, with all the lights turned off and the smoke detector turned off for at least an hour, per Sebastian’s abrasive agreement with Ambrogio.
“Now, I must admit I haven’t been doing this for very long, so I don’t quite remember all the prayers.”
“That’s ok,” said Maxwell, returning the attendant candle to where it belonged, “My mom made me memorize them.”
After reciting the three prayers, Maxwell and Sebastian sat on two stools and watched the candle burn, the small flame hardly able to dispel the darkness.
“It’s so small,” he said.
“True, but sometimes it doesn’t take much to be considered a miracle.
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 2
Heroes: Birthing Chamber :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0 Chicago in the fog :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0 Heroes sketch dump :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 0 0 Heroes: Masks :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
Five Years: And If the Devil May Be Here
Daniel wasn’t surprised when he saw Walter and Adrian Ostermann standing in the back of the lecture hall. Nor was he surprised when Miles started to snore or to hear Laurie sigh as he brushed his greying black hair out of his eyes. Daniel was the Greek version of Droopy Poodle dressed as if he belonged in the Back to the Future movies, including a red tie with the DeLorean on it.
“And, in conclusion, Plato believed that the only man fit to be the ‘philosopher king’ was a man who had been trained for his responsibilities,” he said, snapping his book shut, “Now, for your homework assignment, write a one page response to Plato, arguing why you agree or disagree with his position. Due two weeks from today.”
He smiled as the bell rang and half his students were already out of their seats and the other half were already out the door. He shook his head as he gathered his things and grinned as both Laurie and Sally wished him a good day. He knew better
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 4
Five Years: Brilliant and Slightly Deranged
“Hello, Sebastian, have you seen Walter?” asked Adrian, following the grumpy German into the elevator.
“I think he was in one of the research offices downstairs with Celestyn and Akira,” he said, as the doors closed, “Why?”
“His friend, Daniel refused our offer. Where are you heading to?”
“Main floor,” said Sebastian, “I’m welcoming two of our newest members.”
“Oh!” said Adrian, raising his eyebrows in surprise, “Well, in that case, it would probably be better if I tagged along.”
Sebastian glared at him as Eva read the floors.
“Who are we meeting?” he smiled.
“The botanist, Samira Chaudhry, and Celestyn’s engineer, Iseul Hyon.”
“Ah, yes. I heard he had to convince you.”
“She’s a groupie.”
“A groupie?” Adrian snorted.
“He doesn’t remember, but we met her once at a conference. She was head over heels for
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 12
SH: You Need My Help
Doug sighed as he waved his hands and the broken glass fixed itself and hopped onto the tray as good as new, the waiter watching dumbfounded. Greg had been plastered and had knocked over a series of dishes. Thankfully, Tim was taking him home, but now Doug had to deal with the mess and the bill. He would have regretted letting Greg order ten mimosas as those damn things were expensive, but Greg had been dumb enough to leave his credit card with him. He waved his hands a few more times, watching the dishes mend themselves and the smeared food and drinks disappear from the tile. People often made fun of him because of his abilities, but he thought they were one of the most practical. He had never needed a maid or cleaning service because of his abilities and his place was always spotless. His abilities had also won the heart of his ex-wife-although he often wondered if that had been a good thing. Then again, he would have never had Kelly if he had never met that banshee. After washing aw
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 4
SH: Ruby Tuesday
Rose adjusted her wings as she stretched and hmmed contently, the cotton sheets running along her bare legs.
“Did you sleep well?” Samuel asked, running his fingers through her long grey hair, her wings partially covering him.
“I’m glad you came over.”
“Me too,” she smiled, drawing closer to him until they were cocooned in her wings.
He shifted and wrapped his arms around her while continuing to stroke her hair.
“You know you could stay another night. Jane doesn’t come back until tomorrow afternoon.”
She smiled.
“It’s tempting.”
She looked up at him and he frowned.
“You’ve wasted enough time on him, Rose. And he isn’t even grateful.”
Rose closed her eyes and curled closer to him, not wanting to have this fight again.
“He’s family, Sam.”
“He doesn’t act like it.”
She pulled away and pursed her lips.
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 2
Five Years: The Stubborn and the Infuriating
“Celestyn, what did you pack, rocks?” grunted Sebastian, dragging his friend’s suitcase.
“Tak, Bastian, I packed my favorite rocks from Earth. I couldn’t part with them so I decided to bring them with us to Kepler-186f,” drawled Celestyn wheeling into their assigned quarters.
Sebastian glared at him.
“Don’t start with me. I was prepared to fight five Russians for you.”
“Hey, do you need help with that?”
Sebastian turned around at the unmistakably Scottish voice and was face to face with a robust and handsome red head. He was a good foot taller than Sebastian and could have easily been mistaken for a lumberjack. There was stumble on his chin that instantly got on Sebastian’s nerves and he was wearing an odd paisley shirt that was poorly designed.
No, I’m fine, thank you,” he said, continuing to drag the bag.
“I can help, you know.”
“I’m fine,” Sebastian grunted.
The red head
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 4
Five Years: Why Do We Fall?
Sebastian loosened his tie as he and Akira walked out of the conference room, the others waiting for him. Cameron instantly rushed to his side, but Sebastian placed a hand on his chest and shook his head. He didn’t need that right now. The Scotchman’s face fell, but he settled for placing a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder and squeezing it affectionately.
“How did it go?” asked Adrian, in mid-pacing, biting his nails.
“It could have gone worse,” said Akira in a state of infuriating, but eternal calm, “Have we finished reviewing the calculations?”
“We have fifty more to double check,” said Iseul, “But so far, most of them are correct or, when there is an error, it’s a fraction of a fraction. I think we’ve caught all of the equations with the major flaws. Jeffron has the list for your review.”
“Where is Maxwell?” asked Sebastian, his tie undone completely and he was absentmindedly wrapping i
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 5


El buscador de estrellas :iconmarrow-wg:marrow-WG 24 13 18058160 1100034183474878 6551875229925175900 N :iconsojnowski:Sojnowski 5 0 BAMF :iconfuchsiabones:FuchsiaBones 3 0 Short circuit :iconfaliessdragon:faliessDragon 64 7 vito and carmela corleone :iconnami64:nami64 446 8 Mephistopheles :iconmadisonbbedwell:MadisonbBedwell 4 0 BATMAN V SUPERMAN :iconeuityf:EUITYF 4 0 Super-Troubles... :icondevilkais:devilkais 31 32 Crossing :icontenskies:TenSkies 15 0 Nightmare :iconaddictedtoboredom:AddictedToBoredom 7 0 Suicide (version 1) :iconaddictedtoboredom:AddictedToBoredom 5 0 Two Kisses :iconj0sadorf:J0sadorf 11 0 Pryde :iconmcguan:mcguan 145 8 Godzilla Vs. Mega Samurai :iconprofessorwagstaff:professorwagstaff 62 27 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice collage :iconfranonjuice:Franonjuice 3 1 the x men :iconskizamarts:skizamarts 4 0


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Artist | Hobbyist
Hi, I’m Sam, also known as Ham. I'm an extreme history nerd (seriously six bookcases full of history books) and a comic book geek. I am very spacey and it can take me a while to reply, but it's not because I hate you, it's because I'm lazy.

My siblings, :iconinprismed: :iconjeffreyrebowlski: and I work on a lot of projects together.

My pinterest:…
My Tumblr:
My story Tumblr:…
I know I've been MIA lately and I'm sorry about that. Grad school is slowly killing me. I have two more intense weeks and hopefully I'll be able to get to those critiques I owe people.

SKTH Productions introduces to you: FOR THE NEXT KILLER WHO DIES.
The story features Kingsley Montivelo, an angry young man looking for a cause.
After watching a protester die in front of him during a violent crackdown, Kingsley Montivelo

decides to join the revolutionary organization known as the Killer Liberation Army (KLA).
Read the first three chapters from his memoir, For the Next Killer Who Dies to watch him join 
the budding insurgency and to get a hint of the cost he will have to pay for the marginalized and oppressed.

Kingsley photo by Pepper-the-phoenix

You might also be interested in WAR DRENCHED SONG, a book of 

short stories about an angry and oppressed minority, the Killers.

Wds Photo 2 by Pepper-the-phoenix

The anthology provides the reader a variety of different

perspectives and introduces the characters featured in the novel.

Join young and impertinent Siegfried and his youthful friends as they 

struggle with leading a revolution in the heart of their oppressor’s capital.

Watch the commanding and vicious Marcus lead his small band of rebels

in reclaiming the countryside.

Read as they grow from angry young men and women into assassins and revolutionaries, forging resilient 
friendships, and falling in love during a wild and chaotic time where freedom is a privilege only few enjoy.

Both are coming soon to Amazon.

We at SKTH aren’t going to wait for the world to change.

We’d rather change the world.


My siblings and I have made a company, SKTH productions.


SKTH is a multimedia company, created to unite our efforts towards our personal projects.


Two of the members you may already know as DeviantArtists, JeffreyRebowlski and Inprismed         

This is where you can learn more about us:

Check out my story Tumblr, my personal Tumblr, and my story website.

pepper -the-phoenix is a co-founder of SKTH © 2017
Thanks for Watching!



I know I've been MIA lately and I'm sorry about that. Grad school is slowly killing me. I have two more intense weeks and hopefully I'll be able to get to those critiques I owe people.
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