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A Dangerous Crush
There was a knock on his open door and a gravelly voice said, “Excuse me, sir.”
Chief of Police, Emmanuel Caine, trying to decipher the scrawl of one of his sergeants, didn’t even bother looking up.
“Has the walking keg finally sobered up?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he tried to figure out if this one word was prostitutes or potatoes.
“He’s thrown up a lot and he’s threatening to rip your guts out of your asshole if you don’t let him out soon.”
“Sounds like he needs a few more hours,” Emmanuel tsked, before returning to his report.
“Yes, sir.”
“One more thing. Oh, the hell oversees the Broswill district?”
“Sergeant Thomas Reynolds, sir.”
“Tell him if he doesn’t start writing legibly, he’s going to be spending the rest of his life in a jail cell. I shouldn’t be wondering if he’s arrested two prostitutes or two potatoes.”
“Yes, sir
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Danse Macabre
Glass shattered as a rock darted through the floor length French door. Long thin fingers with black nail polish carefully slipped in and jiggled the rusted handle until the vast room echoed with a click and the door swung open, creating a dust cloud. A mouse like woman entered the cavernous ballroom and waved the dust away. She suppressed a sneeze as her heavy, black boots echoed across the cracked and filthy floor, sounding like the slow beat of a funeral dirge. She slipped her large duffle bag off her thin shoulder and looked up with her mouth slightly open. Above her were broken crystal chandeliers, hanging from the crumbling ceiling for dear life. She laughed lightly as she twirled around, her eyes glued to their dark and cracked forms. This was ten times better than her mother’s shitty little apartment and, even though the room was dusty and damp, it was better than being trapped in a room that smelt of alcohol and cigarettes. She stabilized herself before walking towards a
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 1
Some Aliens by Pepper-the-phoenix Some Aliens :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
A Warrior's Soul
A black tiger in brilliant white armor twitched his tail before rising and walking a few feet from his master. He halted on the edge of a cliff and looked down at the dark and narrow channel. He was a mighty beast of the Netherworld and carried the two majestic Swords of Fervor on either side of his armor. His nose quivered as he smelt death and decay riding on the faint wind and his ears echoed with the thunder of a marching army. The tiger’s roar echoed across the vast and desolate landscape, disturbing the silent dawn.
“I know, Black Blaze,” spoke his tranquil master, “The Dynasty is on the move.”
The tiger returned to the resting warrior’s side and closed his eyes as his master stroked his head. Saber Strike had been sleeping underneath a jagged formation of rocks and had draped his cape around himself for protection against the foul elements found in the Netherworld outskirts.
“Talpa is not content with poisoning our, once great, palace bu
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 6 4
Johnny Popov and Jean the French Resistance Badger by Pepper-the-phoenix Johnny Popov and Jean the French Resistance Badger :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0 Chief Inspector Bernard Griffin by Pepper-the-phoenix Chief Inspector Bernard Griffin :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 4 0
For the Next Killer Who Dies Pitch
Kingsley is a revolutionary fighting against the oppressive Shivian Empire. When the leaders of the rebellion are killed, he believes he is the one who can save the cause, but not everyone agrees. Can he evade arrest and assassinations to win his people freedom or will his enemies kill him first?
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
NKWD Chapter 3
Chapter Three
A Friendly Gathering
I walked down the glittering streets of Bearcaska, with my hands in my pockets, lost in thought. The stars twinkled in the deep blue sky and a light breeze washed the scent of cherry blossoms over me. The buildings were oppressive and thin with many floors and rooms tightly packed in together, the spires of Esdora Cathedral disappeared into the pink and purple sky, and the glass filters placed over the streetlights produced the Southern Lights across the streets. Off in the distance, I heard the faint chime of Alistair’s clocktower partially covered by the laughing Shivians heading towards the theater for either a cultured opera or a raunchy cabaret show. The women wore the colorful dresses with the layered and wide skirts and the plunging necklines with their ridiculously elaborate buns and tangles of beads that hung from their neck and the men wore brightly colored, perfectly tailored suits and feathered hat. They often smelt of alcohol and we
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
NKWD Chapter 2
Chapter Two
The Killer Liberation Army
“I want you to sit in the corner and keep your snout shut,” barked Heron, as we walked down the creaking stairs into a dark and damp basement, “They’re good boys, but they can be rough, and tonight is going to be a difficult meeting.”
Despite being the same age as of my father, Heron looked like he was a hundred. Cavernous wrinkles cut across his face and snout and his long ears drooped with weariness. He walked with a slight hunch, but his hands, due to years of practicing medicine, were still strong and steady. He pulled out a box of matches and lit one of the candles on the table as I collided into one of the few chairs sprinkled throughout the room and swore under my breath.
“They are only trying to help,” I grunted, trying to ignore my throbbing toe.
“Don’t you start with me!” snapped Heron, lighting another candle, “I only have enough energy to fight with your cousin tonight.&
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
NKWD Chapter 1
The official transcript of Alexander Phillips’ recorded interview with Kingsley Montivelo, the former President of Shiva and leader of the Killer Liberation Army (KLA).
Kingsley Montivelo --- Janus 21, 1884
First Interview with Kingsley Montivelo
Interviewer: Alexander Phillips
Copy 1 of 1
[Sounds of a recorder being adjusted]
Alexander Phillips: Is this a bad time?
Kingsley Montivelo: What? No, I’m fine.
AP: You seem distracted.
[Momentary pause and the crinkling of paper.]
AP: You are being tried by the international court.
KM: It was only a matter of time, I suppose.
AP: Mr. Montivelo, I was not given much time and there are many questions I have. If you are not in the proper state of mind, maybe we should reschedule.
KM: No, now is fine. You may not get another chance after all.
[Someone sits down on a sofa.]
KM: Ask away.
AP: I am writing a book on the Second Shadow War-
KM: Another? I swear they come out with a new one every day.
AP: And I was hoping you could answer
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
Trollhunter Day
“Wait! Wait, don’t start without me!”
“Raven, what are you doing?” asked Monica as Raven ran past her with toast shoved in her mouth.
Monica followed Raven into the living room and saw everyone in their pajamas, munching on breakfast, and facing the TV.
“Ok, ready?” said Scarlet, “Oh, Monica, you’re in the way.”
“What are you doing? You have class in a half hour.”
“No, we don’t. It’s Trollhunter Day,” said Frank.
“Trollhunter Day?”
“Yeah, they just released the latest seasons,” said Raven, “We have to watch it.”
“You can watch it after class. Greg, help me.”
“Class? There’s no class on Trollhunter Day,” Greg scoffed, wincing as he burnt his tongue on his tea.
“Says who?!”
“Says me. It’s a school holiday.”
Monica stared at her brother incredulously.
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 4 2
A Martyr's Wife
A segment from the official transcript of Alexander Phillips’ recorded interviews with Caroline Galloway, Marcus Galloway’s widow and member of the Chamber of Marcus.
Caroline Galloway --- Atma 17, 1884
Interview with Caroline Galloway
Interviewer: Alexander Phillips
Copy 1 of 1
Alexander Phillips: Thank you for meeting with me.
Caroline Galloway: Of course.
AP: As you know, I want to clarify a few misconceptions about Marcus Galloway and Kerry McNair, but feel free to stop the interview at any moment. I imagine some of these questions might bring up unpleasant memories.
CG: I’ll be fine.
AP: Now, you were Kerry’s sister?
CG: He was my older brother.
AP: And you were seeing Marcus during the Killer-Shivian War?
CG: Yes, and we were married in 1846. It was a small and quiet wedding, for many reasons.
AP: And you were married previously?
CG: Yes, my first husband was also a member of the Ilkhatal Freedom Movement. He was killed during a fire fight with the Shivian
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
SH: It's so Fluffy!
A grunting anteater hopped into the car, morphing into a shivering, and very naked, Greg.
“Fuck it’s cold out there,” he said, slamming the door closed and rubbing his arms, “Turn up the heat and hand me my clothes.”
His sister, Monica, turned up the heat and pulled away as the teenagers glanced at each other.
“Clothes?” they asked in unison.
“Yeah, my clothes. You did grab my clothes, right?”
The three teens glanced at each other again before shaking their head.
“Why is it our responsibility to grab your clothes?” snapped Matt, “They're your clothes.”
“I was in my anteater form. Anteaters can’t grab things! Have you seen their claws!”
“Greg, not to interrupt this enlightening argument, but can you please morph back!” snapped Monica and it took a second for Greg to realize that he was, still, very naked.
“Sorry,” he said, an anteater.
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 4
Asa's Birthday
“Give it back!” shouted Ester, “Mom! Asa took my hairpin!”
Ariel shared a dark glance with Solomon, as if saying that Asa was his child, before sternly reprehending her son, “Asa, give it back.”
The young boy pouted before meeting his mother’s glare and audibly gulped, dropping the hairpin on the ground.
“Asa!” warned Solomon as David rested a hand on his wrist.
“Leave him, alone, it’s his birthday.”
“Forgive me, my lord, but my son will treat his sister with respect.”
It was one of the rare sunny days in Paradise and they were outside, in one of the castle gardens, David’s lavish party thrown in Asa’s honor winding down, the children buzzing with excitement and sweets. It had been a small, intimate party, but the Kants had to admit that, with Damon gone on ambassadorial business and Emmanuel handling security, it was one of their nicer parties. Abraham and Geoffrey were always
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
Put on Your Red Shoes
Once upon a time, there lived Booker Jones, an unlucky thief. He was a striking character; his sharp, aquiline nose and deep, dark eyes were a gift from Vishnu, while his lack of cleanliness and overall disregard for order marked him as homeless. This disaster of a human being was breathing fresh air for the last time before creeping into the dark and putrid streets of Trollvana. Trolls were leery of strangers, especially humans, and Booker had quite a few overdue debts he still needed to pay with several questionable members of troll society. Still, if he didn’t do this, he would be Goblin food.
He sighed in relief when he spotted his quarry: Rock and Stomp Nightclub. Despite shunning the modern age, Trolls had fallen in love with dancing because it allowed them to stomp and squish anything near their path with impunity. Booker pushed his way through the crowd that smelt like rotten eggs and burnt cabbage and nearly fainted when he walked into the nightclub and was hit in the fa
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 5 4
Five Years: Just Us Two by Pepper-the-phoenix Five Years: Just Us Two :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 6 0


Hi! I thought I'd critique a piece by a fellow nutcracker today! I really love this piece. As someone who also has to deal with a fathe...


Green Tree by Inprismed Green Tree :iconinprismed:Inprismed 55 6 trees by Inprismed trees :iconinprismed:Inprismed 34 0 Clown (ANIMATED) by Inprismed Clown (ANIMATED) :iconinprismed:Inprismed 15 0 Kitchen Window by Inprismed Kitchen Window :iconinprismed:Inprismed 36 0 Tigers by Inprismed Tigers :iconinprismed:Inprismed 30 4 Dog Charmer by Kastelkreuz Dog Charmer :iconkastelkreuz:Kastelkreuz 76 5 Pepper the Phoenix by Inprismed Pepper the Phoenix :iconinprismed:Inprismed 25 3 Daily Paint 1909# Houndini by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1909# Houndini :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,974 95 Sketchdump! 19 by beidak Sketchdump! 19 :iconbeidak:beidak 104 8 Daily Paint 1902# Cardigan Welsh Corgi by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1902# Cardigan Welsh Corgi :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,906 77 GD - The Exhibition : the Artists by Niladhevan
Mature content
GD - The Exhibition : the Artists :iconniladhevan:Niladhevan 24 8
Golden Dernee - The Exhibition 1 by FunkyFunKing Golden Dernee - The Exhibition 1 :iconfunkyfunking:FunkyFunKing 16 2 Golden Dernee - The Father by FunkyFunKing
Mature content
Golden Dernee - The Father :iconfunkyfunking:FunkyFunKing 13 2
GD: Ornate Violence by DontWink
Mature content
GD: Ornate Violence :icondontwink:DontWink 13 3
GD || Masquerade Outfit by xkltran GD || Masquerade Outfit :iconxkltran:xkltran 7 1 wallflowers by kat-eunhyeo wallflowers :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 21 6


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Artist | Professional | Literature
Hi, I’m Sam, also known as Ham. I'm an extreme history nerd (seriously six bookcases full of history books) and a comic book geek. I am very spacey and it can take me a while to reply, but it's not because I hate you, it's because I'm lazy.

I am also co-founder of SKTH Productions, a multimedia company.

My siblings, :iconinprismed: :iconjeffreyrebowlski: and I work on a lot of projects together.

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So I'm taking part in Critmas this year and I am part of the Nutcracker Militia! Don't know what Critmas is?  It is an annual challenge, hosted by BeccaJS, to write 12 critiques in 12 days and it begins December 24th!  Any deviation can be critiqued, but critiques must be at least 100 words long. Visit the journal below to learn more and sign up:

Critmas 2017: War of Honour:new: The glorious squanpie has made some gorgeous artwork for this years teams! You can use these to decorate your own journals, avatars etc, check them out below or find them here: squanpie you are a superstar, thank you!
:new: Please note you need to sign up below (comment) to be put into  team! 
The ting-a-ling of jingle bells are approaching quicker than superman spinning the world! Everyone’s mood is changing towards a more festive mind-set and goodwill is part of our agenda again. When it comes to giving, there is only one gift most artists desire:

As the November skies turn grey, the hue of winter has provided a silence; an unnerving silence. After the critters battled it out last year, they disbanded and left the world behind them in tatters. All that could be heard was the echos of the gleeful faeries still celebrating their victo

My team leader JessaMar had the great idea of asking their followers for critiques and I thought I would follow their example (i.e. steal their idea) and ask for critiques from my followers! If you have a piece you want critiqued, send me the link to the specific deviation and I'll post it on this journal. That way I can keep track of all the requests and my other team members can see your requests as well. I can't guarantee a critique, but it increases the chances you'll get one or two. If you're interested, comment on this journal with links or thumbs for up to 3 deviations.

Thanks for your help!

Here are the pieces requesting to be critiqued!

A Medieval Moment by kirayoungblood
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I received my first Daily Deviation today! I'm overwhelmed and amazed by the lovely comments and the amount of faves my piece received. I wrote it because I needed to vent and I never expected it to resonate with so many people. Thank you :iconsleyf: for recommending my piece and thank you :icondoughboycafe: for agreeing that it deserved a daily deviation. You have no idea what that means to me.

Also :iconoviedomedina: posted a piece that is in similar vein to mine, and it's awesome, so check it out: Nero takes a selfie while Rome burnsIt is not thanks
to a dastardly plot
by your typical
whose dark goatee
about how everyone considers him mad
how all the skyscrapers will be
 flayed all the way to their bars
all the seas become deserts
and the finest minds
of my generation
are driven
up the roofttop of the tallest ower
and down their wariness and tiredness
in a road no teenager who has never
sent a resume has ever experienced
It is not thanks
to the ophidian selfassurance
you rant on your computers about
that you see everyday
on the television news
on the opinion articles of the newspapers
of the boiling chatrooms
you ought to ask
the so callled
finest minds of our generation:
those who saw their best decades of their lives
wither away
as their resumes grew musty and old
because all the others have fled to other countries
thanks to the money of their parents
while the elders
got high
off their soapoperas
get high on the gallops
of the indignation
about the handling of matters in this century

I'm going to pass out from all the excitement now.
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