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WIP-End Scene :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 0 0
Five Years: Who, not What, Are You?
Ava had never seen Samira more excited than when she asked the older woman to help her shop for Eid Al-Fitr. Apparently, she and Iseul often went shopping ten days before Eid in order to be fully prepared for the honored holiday. While Ava had originally planned on wearing something modern and European, she was drawn to the dresses found in a Pakistani run shop Samira had found for this very occasion. While Samira and Iseul tried dress after dress that brought the warm desert to Switzerland, Ava searched for patterns she had seen the Volga Tatars wear. She was lucky enough to find a green velvet dress with wild flowers embroidered into the trim and an embroidered fez.
“You’re going to look lovely in that,” smiled Samira and Ava was surprised to feel so uncertain about it.
While she had always worn clothes that borrowed the designs from the poorer regions of the world, she had never worn anything that would be recognizable outright as Tatar fashion and it somehow felt
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0
SH: Johnny Popov vs the State of Washington
Greg often questioned his life choices, but none more so then when he sat in that witness box and the turquoise alien gave him a multiple handed wave from the defendant’s table.
“Mr. Zook,” spoke Zachariah Miller, the charming and handsome lawyer appointed to the state of Washington, “did you know the defendant was an illegal alien?”
“Of course, I knew he was an alien, he has six arms! And his name is Johnny Popov.”
“My apologies,” smirked Miller.
The courtroom was jammed back with reporters and curious citizens and Greg could already see the headlines: “Martian with mind-controlling abilities nested in millionaire’s house-are you safe?”
“But let me clarify, did you knowingly harbor an illegal alien in your school?”
“No, I helped out an intergalactic visitor. There is nothing illegal about him.”
“Mr. Zook, are you aware of the President’s travel ban?”
“Which one?
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 4 0
Fear in the 21st Century
Fear is waking up in a cold sweat because you don’t know where to buy a cyanide capsule.
Fear is realizing you have no place to hide and no escape root should They come for you.
And They will.
How can They not? They are in your phones, in your computers, on your streets, and in your banks, hospitals, and airports. They can access your emails and watch you on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. They have voice recognition and face recognition and soon fingerprint recognition and you are no longer a human being with rights to privacy and protection from your own government, but a case file and a collection of data and when they’ve had enough of you, they will come for you.
And you have no place to go or to hide, no quiet spaces. In the cafes, they watch you from other people’s phones and computers. In the parks, they find you with their street cams and drones. And in your house, in your house you are most vulnerable, because that is where you feel safe and so you relax, but
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 4 5
I stand here, washing the dishes, swearing I’ll buy paper plates and then feel bad for the environment. It’s amazing how many dishes one person and a poppy seed sized pup can go through. I stand here, washing the dishes and the number 45,000 echoes in my head, a place holder for an earlier fit of rage.
45,000 and we are facing the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War
45,000 and the Rohingya face annihilation
45,000 and PM Skeikh Hasina knows better than to ask our president for help
I put a plate in the cabinet
45,000 and Russian missiles tore children apart in Idlib today
45,000 and entire families starve and die from cholera in Yemen
45,000 and Boko Haram continues to terrorize the children of Nigeria
I put a pot away
45,000 and Honduran children live under the heavy boots of drug lords
45,000 and Venezuelans fight for freedom, a word that has become all but meaningless
45,000 and this isn’t the world I want to live in
I hiss as I cut my finger on a sha
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 4 2
Cyanide Pill
Fear is waking up in a cold sweat because you don't know where to get a cyanide pill.
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
The Living and the Dead
When the world was new, the souls of the dead roamed the world often lost, confused, and alone. Although there was the Beast of Death, the foul creature that claimed the lives of mortals, there was no place for their souls. They wandered the roads and haunted the homes of the living, terrifying those whose time had not yet come. At first, the dead enjoyed the company of others and watching their loved ones grow, but slowly they grew enraged at the unfairness of life and death. The spirits that once were friendly, turned vengeful, and ghosts turned into poltergeists and ghouls. The living called to their many gods and the creators of all knew that the boundaries between the living and the dead had to be severed.
Magir, the youngest of the gods, volunteered for this most important of tasks. Alteria, the goddess of music, gave him the old flute of Ulgar. It was carved out of the bones of the Ulgar, the mad giant that once threatened the world and all in it. Its soft music could only be he
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 2
Why I Write
I write because I cannot lay my past and future on the floor before me. I write to stop time and understand where I’ve been and where I’m going. I write because fear is easier to deal with when it’s someone else’s and love is easier to accept when it’s not me on the receiving end.
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Each of Us Has a Name
Each of us has a name
Based on the celebrities we can pull from our back pockets
Each of us has a name
Based on who plays on our TV and computer
Each of us has a name
Based on who we were born to, who we run from, and who we run into
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 0 0
I am from...
I am from a stale, styrofoam town where times goes to die
I am from oppressive, silent mountains and window rattling railroad lines
I am from the poor and forgotten dregs of America
I am from the fear of the new and educated
I am from those who would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven
I am from the land of the pentagram and evil eye
I am from the lack of fear of an invisible presence,
but also lack of uncertainty of one’s purpose
I am from the red sands of Mars and the loss of innocence
I am from the reassurance of the three robotic laws and the pang of doubt of humanity
I am from Bradbury, Asimov, Feynman, and Oppenheimer
I am from the hot, mellow tempo of Miles and Ellington
I am from the existential crisis of Bowie and Dylan
I am from the ghoulish glee of Cooper and Osbourne
I am from the old country where offers that cannot be refused are made
I am from here and not here
I am from the heart of America and outside of it
I am from the streets that never sleep and the ever
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0
Team V by Pepper-the-phoenix Team V :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0 Five Years: Faces of Team I by Pepper-the-phoenix Five Years: Faces of Team I :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
We are 600 strong, crammed into a damp, dark, and sordid ship that smelt of death. We are chained to our bunks at night and chained to each other during the day, force to work for those who sentenced us to Hell. I am an innocent man, my only crime being that I didn’t want my children to starve. Now, they are most likely dead and I will die here, in a place that knows no mercy or kindness.
The doors spring open, blinding us with a pale light, and the guards steam in, unchaining us from our beds, and forcefully binding us to each other. We are marched outside in two columns and I am pulled and jerked around like a bone being pulled by two dogs. I am one of the weakest prisoners and have suffered bitterly for it. A new prison on my left, a damn wog, tumbles to a severe stop and throws up. The guards shout at him and the other prisoners beat him to his knees, demanding that he rise. He coughs up blood as a prison picks him up by the collar of his shirt and pushes him forward. I reali
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
As If That's the Way It's Supposed to Be
After hours upon hours of studying they decided to take a break and relax for a few hours before meeting up again after dinner. Daniel went downstairs to make sure Max was still breathing, George and Enric walked down the hall to visit Torreka and Karima and Walter could hear their laughter echoing down the wall hallway, and he and Adam rode the elevator up to the first level. Walter frowned as Adam, his hands in his pockets, brows furrowed, rested against the elevator walls with a sigh.
“Hey, you all right?”
Adam looked up surprised and smiled faintly, “Yeah, just thinking.”
“What’s going on? You’ve been distracted all day.”
“I’m worried. It feels like we’re making the same mistakes all over again.”
“Explain,” said Walter, walking out of the elevator and down the hallway.
“You remember what it was like. Trump had, Ryan resigned, Pence was caught in the Russian scandal and we thought we had a grea
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0
Gone, Gone, the Water's All Gone
How long have I been alone? I place my hand on the rough and torn bark to steady myself and it is cold. I am weak. I do not think I will make it to the city where all of my brethren have disappeared. They say it is a magical city with no want or pain. Is that why they never returned? I tumble down a small incline, the roots are abrasive like barbwire, tearing at my cloak. I gasp and pull it away from their greedy hands and adjust it to ensure I am not easy to identify. Mortals forget so easily, but I have a long memory and it was only a breath ago that the soldiers invaded our home and took those too weak or foolish to flee. We tried to fight, but so much had been destroyed during the war and the land had been poisoned. I nervously approach the edge of the forest, and I see it-the blinding white city of machines and law.
I close my eyes to gather my courage before rushing towards the city, afraid that if I did not run I would lose heart. I reach an immaculate alleyway and stumble forwa
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 4 0
The Strong Do Eat
Alister threw a few coins into the old woman’s tin can as he, Booker, and Melvin walked towards Forest Park Apartments in downtown Seattle. Alister popped up his trench coat collar as the wind blew the ice rain down their necks.
Why would anyone live here?” snapped Booker, wringing his hat once they entered the apartment complex lobby.
“The forests are supposed to be beautiful,” said Melvin, the only one smart enough to bring an umbrella with him.
Melvin was a pasty white Oregon native whose dry, bald head was a source of irritation for the drenched Booker and his specked grey goatee made him look like a reject from Sons of Anarchy. Booker, however, was a striking character; his sharp, aquiline nose and deep, dark eyes were a gift from Vishnu, while his lack of cleanliness and overall disregard for order marked him as a drowning homeless man.
“Come on,” snapped Alister, leading both men towards the manager’s office.
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0


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